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Zap Amateur 1999
The Flying Pigs
are the Winners of the "Paintball Ambassadors"
and the "Old Fossils"

On the bragging rights front, we only gave up ONE flag hang in seven games and STY-mied the two teams that ended up in first and second place for the entire event!  With a going in roster of 20 we actually managed to field 10 players for each game (just barely), and only had equipment and communication problems MOST of the time! The ONLY team with an official "beverage" sponsor, the Pigs had won the event before it began!  We won both the "Paintball Ambassadors" and "Old Fossils" awards. How many other teams went home with TWO trophies and massive hangovers? 


flying pigs group photo '99.JPG (47027 bytes)

Still standing after 7 games!!!


batman.jpg (45842 bytes)

Dale calls in the "Batman squad"


this little piggie 2.jpg (30427 bytes)This little piggie...


fp cheerleaders.jpg (25351 bytes)

Rose cheers us on!


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